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SIlverwood North Stairway


Address: 1606 Occidental (bottom - really close to Silverwood South Stairway), 1613 Silverwood Terrace - park on Silver Lake Boulevard if you can.

Description: To make this a really good workout, you should link this one with Silverwood South.

How many steps?: 179

Summary: When I did this stairwalk, I just looped down from Silverwood South for a Silverwood sandwich! (By the time I finished these both I was ready for a sandwich, let me tell you!) This one is not as paradise-like as it's Southern sister, but it's pretty and chock full o' succulents. Also, I had a stone in my shoe the entire time, and when I got to this stairwalk, which is much narrower and has no rails to grab onto, it was a big bummer. When I stopped to take the stone out of my shoe, I realized I was right next to a 1965 Morris house, which was cool and pretty retro-modern(ish). Not that I would know that by looking -- there was a plaque on the side of the house! Just in case you are into architecture.


Location (Map)

1606 North Occidental Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
Silverwood South Stairway
Beachwood Canyon Loop #6 - Upper Belden

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Monday, 24 June 2024

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