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Santa Monica "The Stairs" #2


Address: 526 Adelaide Drive – about 3 blocks down from the stairs at 406 Adelaide Drive that comprise THE STAIRS - Pretty abundant on-street parking but pay attention to street cleaning signs and other parking restrictions.

Description: This is one half of Santa Monica’s famed “The Stairs” climb

How many steps? 168

How many places can you get an amazing outdoor workout AND feel like you’ve just done something as social and fun as going to your favorite bar? I know it’s an odd comparison, but I swear being in a swarm of beautiful people, stepping together and sweating together was strangely exciting. Even if I felt slightly in adequate compared to all the 6-packs that surrounded me! These wooden steps are wider and easier to navigate, and the beach vibe was way more noticeable on these steps. When I got to the end, I almost tripped over a trainer standing like a mountain and yelling, I mean ENCOURAGING, a totally ripped guy he had running up and down the steps a million times. My advice is to crank iPod, tighten your earbuds, and don’t be intimidated! I will admit it’s a relief to step out onto Entrada when you're done.

Location (Map)

526 Adelaide Drive, Santa Monica, CA 90402, USA
Glencairn Stairway
Santa Monica "The Stairs" #1

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Monday, 24 June 2024

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