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Peru Stairway


Address: 2366 Peru St. (bottom), 2378 Peru St. (top) – park on Peru or Whitmore

Description: A super-pretty, narrow staircase guarded by beasts at either end (but one is much more threatening than the other)

How many steps? 114

On the other side of the highway from dusty Corralitas is this cute mixed-income neighborhood with a ton of winding side streets. And weirdly, the Peru stairwalk actually seems to be the only connector of the two parts of Peru Street, which are on two different levels. It’s got gorgeous foliage and succulents as you go up, and a little side-path leads straight into someone’s extremely relaxing-looking garden. I got the sense that this is a pretty well-used neighborhood walk…there was a freshly written “Almost There” in purple sidewalk chalk near the top, and a handful of people just walking through the neighborhood in the early evening when I was there.

The only thing that took away from my enjoyment was the INSANE black lab at the bottom of the steps that WOULD NOT stop barking at me all the way up!!

peru louddog 500

He finally started to let it go as I reached the summit…but then a new barking dog started in on me from the house at the top! I was thinking this was one hazardous path…until I saw who was doing the barking at the top:

peru pug 500

Location (Map)

2366 Peru Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA
Beachwood Canyon Loop #1 - Lower Beachwood
Landa-Walcott Stairway

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