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Santa Monica "The Stairs" #1


Address: 406 Adelaide Drive at 4th Street – This is a block north of San Vincente between 4th Street & 7th Street – Pretty abundant on street parking but pay attention to street cleaning signs and other parking restrictions

Description: This is one half of Santa Monica’s famed “The Stairs” climb

How many steps? 189

It has Yelp reviews and a Facebook page, but don’t let that deter you from this excellent, butt-destroying work out! I’d recommend you tackle this staircase along with the other one at 526 Adelaide, because the two together are what fitness freaks call, “The Stairs.” Sounds so simple, but navigating your way through the crowd on such narrow concrete stairs can be complicated! Be sure you have a fully juiced iPod. I was blasting Mariah, and she lifted me right up over the crowd and into another world! I had a giggle watching the trainers that stand at the top of the stairs and yell down at their trainees but standing still themselves – HA! I wish I got paid to tell perfectly fit people they have to work harder. I would have loved to scream at this one toothpick in particular who spent the whole time gabbing on her cell phone – NOT EVEN OUT OF BREATH! – but I decided to leave it to her buff sadistic trainer. Instead, I shifted my attention to the beautiful surroundings which include amazing Craftsman homes and stunning details along the path like old-fashioned lamps, which I’m guessing the hardcore fitness freaks don’t even notice.

406 Adelaide

I read online somewhere that some of the fanatics do “The Stairs” 15-20 times a day! By the end of this climb my legs were trembling and my butt was burning! All in all, it was a fun workout and although I didn’t see a celeb (which I’m sure would not be too hard because everyone looked like a million bucks there), I managed to feel glamorous just being among all the beautiful people.


Location (Map)

406 Adelaide Drive, Santa Monica, CA 90402, USA
Santa Monica "The Stairs" #2
Upper Mesa Stairway

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Super User on Thursday, 15 January 2015 18:24

OMG I love Mariah too! And you def need it to do these super-crowded and super-hard stairs!

OMG I love Mariah too! And you def need it to do these super-crowded and super-hard stairs!
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