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Descanso Stairway


Address: Between 3365 Descanso Drive and 3200 Larissa Drive, just west of Sunset Boulevard. I'd park on West Sunset and go from there.

Description: This stairwalk connects Descanso and Larissa.

How many steps? 138

Summary: The day I checked out this stairwalk, I was greeted by the intoxicating (literally) scent of Urban Decay: eau de stale cigarettes, flat beer, and a potent dose o' urine. Around the base of the steps there were posters for "Antisocial Hollywood," and that about sums up this depressing climb. The steps themselves are cracked, crumbled, and very uneven -- which is the only thing that makes this stairwalk at all challenging.

Location (Map)

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Elevado Street Stairway

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Monday, 24 June 2024

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