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Beachwood Canyon Loop #5 - Belden Drive


Address: 2917 Belden Drive - If you are doing the Beachwood Canyon Loop, then you are parked on Beachwood, which is perfect

Description: Fifth set of stairs on the Beachwood Canyon Loop (from Secret Stairs LA); fabulous views that make it worth the trip.

How many steps? 118 (out of 861 for the whole walk)

 If you are doing the Beachwood Canyon Loop, then the big pay-off is this stairwalk, as from the top you'll be able to enjoy amazing views of iconic LA: Griffith Observatory, downtown Hollywood, Lake Hollywoodland Reservoir, and of course, the infamous Hollywood Sign (although I know how you can get an even BETTER view of the sign -- check out: www.HollywoodSignCloseUp.com). Making your way up these steps isn't all that bad, despite the fact that it's still uphill -- at least you can occupy yourself with the details that make this whole dang loop so enjoyable: more gorgeous granite cobblestone-ish steps, happy birds chirping, and knowing that all in all, it's great cardio workout. 

Once you're at the top of the stairs, you'll be on Durand Drive. Take a left, and you'll start to see the amazing sights. When you get to the intersection of Durand and Mulholland Drive (unpaved fire road stretch), be sure to pause and take in the magnificent -- and hard earned! -- view of Lake Hollywoodland Reservoir:

belden insert

Makes you believe that you really are in a magical world, far, far away from the busy City of Angels. But you're not -- the last bit of the journey back to Beachwood is just down the road a bit. Make a right on Flagmoor, and then a left again back onto Belden, and the last stairwalk on the Beachwood Canyon Loop is just before 2872 Belden.

Location (Map)

2917 Belden Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
Beachwood Canyon Loop #6 - Upper Belden
Beachwood Canyon Loop #4 - Woodshire


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